Men vs Women Social Media Usage

Social Media is now a part of everyday life. It is used by people from all walks of life and it connects people, businesses, nations and organisations alike. But what is most important for you as a business is where on social media are your customers most likely to be?

Well we can’t tell you that for definite without knowing more about your business, but, what we can tell you is where you’re more likely to encounter male users and where you’re more likely to encounter female users. It is also helpful to understand the general behaviour of the different genders on social media, what they use it for, how they use it and how often.

So here goes…

Social Media Overall Gender Percentage Use

62% of Men vs 71% of Women

From this stat alone this tells you that whether you’re targeting men or women, you’re going to be able to reach the majority of them via social media. And if your target market is predominantly women, then you can’t really ignore it at all.

What is interesting though is the general reasons and usage behaviours of women and men on social media – why are they there?

It isn’t really surprising to learn that women are more social creatures, they tend to use social media for personal connections, staying in touch with friends and family, they’re more likely to share information or opinions and be more expressive in general on social media.

By contrast, men tend to use social media to gather influence, information, contacts and overall status. They tend to be more business-like in their approach and use of social media, they’re more likely to follow business pages and business accounts than women. That isn’t to say women don’t, they do, but the percentages of men doing so are higher.

More women use social media than men in general, but which networks do they use?

Where do women go?


Twitter’s user base is 62% female, in fact over 40 million more women than men visit Twitter each month. They’re mostly using it to follow celebrities and keep up with gossip, but there are plenty of studies to show that women do use it for buying purposes too.


Did you know that over 67% of all adults in the world with access to the internet use Facebook? It is the most used social network in the world with over 1.4 billion daily users. 58% of those are women. Women on Facebook also tend to be more active, they have an average of 55% more posts on their newsfeeds and 8% more friends than their male counterparts. The average number of posts on a woman’s Facebook is around 394 compared to men’s 254.


You might not be surprised to learn that Instagram is also predominantly female in its user base. Similarly, to Facebook (which, in case you didn’t know owns Instagram) the split is 58% female to 42% male. Images are proven to be very effective in capturing the attention of women and Instagram being almost entirely image-based naturally attracts more female users.


Pinterest is a relatively new social network, emerging in March 2010 it has approximately 176 million users at latest count. An astonishing 85% of these users are women. Pinterest is female dominated unlike any other social network, allowing you to create your own “boards” and “pin” your favourite things to look at. So if you’re targeting a female audience and you’ve got a product or service that can be made visual with ease, then Pinterest would certainly be worth the effort!

Where do men go?


This is a strange one, technically counted as a social network Google+ has a 64% male user base. However, usage stats suggest that only 25% of its total users actually use it as a social network. Google seem to be constantly reinventing Google+ which confuses users and stops people from using it in the same way a traditional social network would be used. 75% of its users do not seem to interact with each other at all. It seems to be something Google forced users to do in order to set up a Google Business page, a Gmail account or any other of Google’s online services. We believe that it has more male users simply because they have used their accounts to publish Google Business pages.


Just edged by the male users at around 54% LinkedIn is another social network that can be difficult to master. 75% of its users apparently use it for little more than researching other businesses, this is thought to be a combination of potential customers/suppliers as well as competitors. However, the fact is that having your business on LinkedIn is likely to get it noticed at the very least.


Owned by Google, YouTube has over 280 million active users, with 54% being male. Videos are an ever-growing part of the digital marketing world. They’re more immersive and eye-catching than almost any other form of media. Men spend longer on YouTube than women, an average of an hour per week, where women only average 35 minutes per week.

To Sum Up

So these stats may be interesting, but how can you make the best use out of them?

Well, this article is brief we know. Its primary purpose is to give you an insight into social media’s demographics split. But there are so many more areas of social media that your company could be exploiting, so many more avenues to explore and so much opportunity that you could be reaping the benefits of. This is where we can help.


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